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Capital Solutions Women Income Generation Opportunities Initiative(WIGOI) for Young Women.

Siemens Stiftung has partnered with Capital Solutions Limited to implement a project dubbed “Women Income Generation Opportunities Initiative (WIGOI). This initiative will provide tailored 360° educational solutions to semi urban and rural based young women (18-30 years) to grow their incomes and career opportunities. This is a highly participatory programme whereby, capacity building is provided, coaching and mentorship – face to face through site visits, personal and business profiling on all our social media platforms, networking space through the Social Entrepreneurship forum and the access to small debt capital through the Social Investment Fund. In this call for applications, we are looking 100 young women from semi-urban, rural based young women, marginalized women including Refugees and PWDs among others to take a life changing experience through vocational and career skilling engagements through a rigorous experience involving:

  • Personal Needs Assessment
  • Capacity Building
  • Career guidance/Mentorship
  • Mid Evaluation
  • Graduation/Post-training coaching

Eligibility Criteria:

Special consideration will be those focused in Climate change, Renewable Energy, Health, education and Agriculture. Our criteria for entry is as follows:

  1. Comfortable with using digital tools.
  2. Proficient in verbal and written English.
  3. Able to regularly (at least bi-weekly) access the internet through a computer or smartphone.
  4. Attend the planned in-person sessions

Application Deadline is February 29, 2024.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Capital Solutions Women Income Generation Opportunities Initiative (WIGOI)

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