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The Kenya Agribusiness Enterprise Program.

Application Deadline :17th March ,2024.

The Kenya Agribusiness Enterprise Program , where innovation meets agriculture for a sustainable future .Supported by Joule ,Eni school of Entrepreneurship and E4Impact , the program is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of agribusiness innovators passionate about leveraging technology and modern practices to revolutionize the agricultural landscape .

The program stands as a pioneering initiative at the crossroads of agriculture and cutting edge technology .This acceleration program is a catalyst for entrepreneurs driven to revolutionize the agricultural sector through precision and innovation.



  • Bespoke Training program.
  • Networking opportunities (locally and internationally)
  • Opportunity to collaborate with Eni.
  • Access to proffessional services(marketing /legal and accounting )
  • Access to seed grant funding.
  • Coaching and mentorship.


  • Have a minimum Viable product (MVP) and demonstrate a level of traction for incubator (Track 1)
  • Be legally registered and be post revenue for the Accelerator (Track 2)
  • Have a market based solution aimed at addressing sustainable agriculture challenges.
  • Preferable with operations in Nairobi , Makueni or Mombasa and its environs.
  • Offer solutions in either the following :Precision Agriculture , Supply Chain and Waste management.
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