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AICCRA Zambia Cohort 2

Deadline of Application :July 19th , 2024.

AICCRA Zambia seeks small and medium enterprise (SME) partnerships to scale bundles of climate-smart agriculture innovations (digital innovations, finance innovations, social innovations, technological innovations, services etc) in Zambia. Proposing partnerships should present activities that ensure use of such innovations while improving gender and youth inclusivity and supporting environmental sustainability. Locally registered for-profit businesses and social enterprises are invited to contribute to an application as partnerships. We encourage proposals that include multiple components and present a cohesive market systems approach.
Successful partnerships should be able to:

  • Work collaboratively in a partnership model to co-implement and scale market-system based solutions in climate-smart agriculture;
  • Implement, scale, and refine sustainable finance mechanism(s) as part of the partnership’s scaling strategy;
  • Integrate digital innovations into the design of the partnership’s scaling strategy;
  • Provide evidence of impact and innovation users reached within a one-year period;
  • Contribute to capacity development of food producers, women, youth and other marginalized groups in relevant topics directly related to activity;
  • Implement a series of activities directly addressing the needs of women and youth.

The aim of the Accelerator Grant is to identify partnerships with a for-profit business model that include the interventions presented in the CSA/CIS bundles. Under the second cohort of the accelerator grant, we are looking for companies with the following eligibility criteria:

  • Each partnership application should include at least one women/youth-led agribusiness partner. Locally-registered SMEs are encourage to apply.
  • Applicant businesses should demonstrate commercial viability and relevant experience in the technical areas proposed in the application.
  • For-profit businesses that have achieved the following:
    • For a product that retails at less than USD100 per unit, at least 1500-unit sales 
    • For a product that retails at more than USD100, at least 500-unit sales
  • Non-government organizations, farmer cooperatives, consulting firms, business/member associations and non-profit entities will not be considered lead applicants but could form part of partnership applications.  
  • At least two partners may be included in a consortium.
  • Each partnership application should have a digital agriculture technology component (with an ag tech company).
  • Each partnership application needs to have existing personnel with relevant experience and qualifications to implement the proposed scope of work.
  • Each partnership needs to demonstrate experience working in Zambia, including with producers and other market actors, development partners, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies and organizations. All applicants must have a presence and experience in the country and be able to operate legally in Zambia with documented evidence, such as appropriate visas, licenses, permits, local company registration documents etc.
  • The proposed partners should demonstrate that they have been working together for at least 9 months prior to the application submission and demonstrate a commitment to continue working together post the Accelerator program where possible.


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