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ITC Entry-Level Online Selling

Application Deadline:July 31st 2024

Go Digital, Transform Your Business


Empower Your Business with Digital Skills!

Join our innovative training program designed specifically for small merchants and entrepreneurs who want to excel in the digital marketplace. BongoHive, a leading Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Hub, in collaboration with the International Trade Centre (ITC), invites you to participate in this unique opportunity to enhance your digital literacy and e-commerce skills.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Digital Literacy: Learn the essentials of navigating the digital landscape, including social media platforms and online marketplaces.
  • E-commerce Mastery: Understand the principles of e-commerce and how to effectively sell your products online.
  • Digital Marketing: Discover strategies for creating compelling content, managing your digital presence, and engaging with customers.
  • Business & Financial Management: Improve your business operations with practical knowledge in financial management and digital tools.

Program Highlights:

  • In-Person Training: Kickstart your journey with hands-on training sessions to set up your business accounts and digital tools.
  • Online Sessions: Complement your learning with online classes focused on managing your online presence, creating high-quality content, and generating revenue.
  • Community Networking: Continuous learning, networking, and knowledge sharing with fellow participants.

Why Participate?

  • Tailored Training Materials: Receive customized training materials designed to address your unique challenges and business needs.
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in digital transformation and capacity building.
  • Impactful Learning: Participate in a program that tracks and assesses your progress to ensure you achieve your business goals.

Who Should Apply?

  • Small merchants and entrepreneurs looking to enhance their digital skills.
  • Business owners who have basic digital tools like a laptop or smartphone.
  • Individuals with access to good internet connectivity.
  • Motivated candidates eager to leverage digital platforms for business growth.
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