Who We Are

Welcome to Centafrique Consulting
Centafrique Consulting is a leading regional player in enterprise development, business advisory, research, fundraising, digitization and technology and capacity development consulting. We focus on developing cutting edge business and organizational solutions tailor-made to ensure business growth, sustainability and efficient & effective resource utilization of our clients.
Anchored on professionalism, innovativeness and a thorough understanding of individual client and organizational needs, Centafrique Consulting works hand in hand with each client, to transform ideas into implementable reality.
Our experienced team puts emphasis on translating the otherwise complex process such as business planning, fundraising, business strategy, research, project design and enterprise transformation and translates them into accessible, professional and viable ideas, well packaged for implementation.
We firmly believe that our clients’ transformation and success is ours too. We ensure professionalism in all our assignment and therefore we are consistent in quality standards and we always endeavor, to deliver value by guiding each client uniquely based on their specific needs.

Our Profile

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To create sustainable and prosperity value for our client.


To be a regional consulting firm in enterprise support and business development.
Centafrique Counsulting

Core Values

  • Dedication: We ensure our clients and partners are well served and get lasting positive impact.
  • Value: We are committed to meeting client needs and add value in their enterprises;
  • Integrity: We adhere to moral and ethical principles to ensure efficiency in service delivery.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions

Our Focus Sectors

Our advisory solutions are tailored to support private sector players establish their presence and advance the interests in the markets while guaranteeing optimal and sustainable growth. We understand the role of private sector player economic development and employment creation and the key constraints hindering the sector’s potential including; capital mobilization, access to required skills, market entry, technological challenges, and networking.
As governments and partners endeavor to attract more private investments, Centafrique Consulting is keen in providing support for both local and international investor.

Expertise areas
We provide recommendation and solutions for private sector players to experience optimal returns with efficient utilization of available resources. Our team provides advisory services on key issues including; fundraising and project finance, digitization and Technology, Business strategies and planning, stakeholder (consumers, suppliers, employees, competitor) analysis.
Using technical experience, expertise and insights of our specialist team and partners, we design, implement and manage market-oriented, locally responsive and pro-poor advisory solutions to address challenges hindering the agriculture sector. We support players realize full potential through provision of expertise and skills policy formulation, research and data analysis, regulatory frameworks design, market access, access to finance, agribusiness skills development, and adapatation and mitigation on emerging issues icnluding climate-change related issues.
Agriculture sector is a key economic driver in majority of developing countries [especially in sub-Saharan Africa] and the sector remains critical in job creation and sustainable economic growth, job creation, economic empowerment and poverty alleviation. Our experienced specialists provide dedicated support in evaluating, developing and implementing solutions and advisories that not only help unlock their full potential but also support the sector’s contribution and impact.

Expertise areas
Our focus includes areas include: Market linkages; Youth and women in agriculture, agribusiness financing, agri-project impact analysis, Monitoring and evaluation, agri-based research, value chain development and analysis. The team provides insights through project based surveys, project management services, technical assistance and provision of advisory, and providing policy design.
The Humanitarian sector remains critical in supporting private sector, government agencies and private sector, government agencies and general public. The support provided by the sector players is of great importance to governments and the society in tackling combined effect of conflicts, food shortages, natural disasters, climate change, poverty, and disease outbreaks. We support clients to understand programme/project baseline, impacts, document lessons learnt and ways to replicate success. Likewise, we offer specialized expertise in project management, research, capacity development and other support services to ensure our clients objectives and impacts are achieved.

Expertise areas
Our focus include areas include; fundraising and proposal development, project design and management, project performance and impact analysis, research studies, monitoring and evaluation, agribusiness and agri-value chain advisory, entrepreneurship and business advisory services, food security and climate adaptation.
We work with leading financial institutions – Banks, Micro-finance institution, MFIs, Community based lending groups etc – to support them address various challenges, unlock their potential and ensure sustainable growth and value for their stakeholders. We pride ourselves in a rich pool of experienced and diverse team that provides markets responsive and fact based advisory services.

Expertise areas
We provide advisory and support services on; fundraising, strategy and planning, technology and digitization, emerging market trends, impact evaluation and analysis, trainings (institutions and clients) among other areas