Personal Finance Masterclass


The primary objective of this master class is to provide participants with basic the financial tools and knowledge that will enable them to build the lives they envision. The course will cover financial responsibilities, planning for the future, budgets, income, spending and credit, saving and investing. The main focus is to understand how to plan for the future by planning for today.

This course includes a broad series of lessons, quizzes and activities that offer a variety of modalities for the ultimate student engagement and content retention. Each unit contains a series of lessons that include introduction of content, virtual demonstration of that content, and repeated opportunity to practice that content, along with a quiz per lesson, exam per unit, and final exam at the end of the course.

What will you learn
  • Wealth creation and financial independence

  • Financial budgeting

  • Personal Debt Management

  • How to file taxes



  • 4 Lessons
  • 00:00:38 Hours
  • How to budget your debt.00:00:13
  • Tax Management00:00:12
  • Plan your retirement00:00:13

About instructor

Name : David Njau
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Johnpaul Onyango - Thu, 24-Jun-2021

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