The Baobab Network Technology Accelerator.

Who can apply ?

  • We work with early stage technology creating or technology enabled business.
  • Our remit covers  the whole of Africa , as long as you are living and working  in a key market  that we cover  then we'd like to work with you.
  • we will work with companies across  many sectors and verticals .

What should i do before applying?

  • we recommend you familiarize yourself with our FAQs  as well as taking a look at the application form.
  • Applications should take around 10 to 25 minutes , the more  information you can provide upfront the better.

What do i need to apply?

  • Our expertise is early stage tech-companies , we ideally want companies that have built MVP  of their product or service  or are at the initial stage of their startups.
  • We require a couple of documents to support your application . (i.e investment deck, cap table, traction document etc)

Where can i apply?

  • we are now a cohort based accelerator-check the application page for details on the current intake.
  • Successful applicants  will be contacted  by a member of our team  within 4-12 weeks.

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