Start-up Wise Guys

Join the Wise Guys SaaS – Africa acceleration program to receive the first investment of up to €65K to accelerate your growth. The program is carried out by Europe’s leading B2B accelerator @Startup Wise Guys and is mainly focusing on East- and West African early-stage digital B2B SaaS startups with initial traction and a solid team. Throughout the program, there are four main focus areas on which we are working to help you build and grow your startup: Company building, Sales and marketing, Fundraising and Pitching, and Product building.

Work in these areas happens through intensive collaboration with almost 100 mentors at workshops, one-on-one sessions, and sprint weeks, as well as through a dedicated implementation time throughout the program.

Up to €65K investment for up to 12% equity (48K cash + 17K program) with a follow-on possibility.

Join our intensive 5-month startup accelerator program power-packed with cutting-edge industry knowledge.

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