AAKTP Briefing webinar

Each project should have a duration of no more that 24 months and a maximum budget of £250K split 50/50 between the UK University and the African University i.e, £125K each as part of a three stakeholder AAKTP partnership including an African business.

These AAKTP projects are 100% funded with an in-kind only business contribution with the business hosting the AAKTP project and the AAKTP Associate. The AAKTP Associate, like the business, will reside in Africa.

The focus is specifically on only four countries in Africa: these are Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa. The AAKTP scope is detailed below.

Your project can focus on one or more of the following:

  • Integrating smallholders into global and local supply chains
  • Increasing the value of production to smallholders
  • Control of crop pests, weeds, and diseases
  • Meeting quality standards and improving productivity
  • Reducing food losses ‘post-farm gate’ and through the value chain
  • Addressing food safety issues through the value chain
  • New food technologies and data-driven food systems, including for urban areas
  • Addressing challenges in downstream food processing, distribution, or storage and value addition
  • Innovation that supports food systems to deliver nutritious, healthy, and safe food

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