Project to improve Adherence to International Labor standards in Agricultural sector.

This project seeks to address evidence regarding the prevalence of   child labor in the banana and cut flower sectors and creating awareness and capacity to mitigate the risk of other labor rights abuses including forced labor  and to support efforts to address occupational  safety and health  issues.

Funding Information.

Funding will be provided in form of cooperative agreement.

Approximately $4,740,000 total costs in expected  to be available to fund  approximately one award. Applicants may apply for at least a ceiling amount upto $ 4,740.000total costs. Awards made under this announcement are   subject to the availability of federal funds.

The required period of performance is 48 months from the effective date of the award. The performance includes all necessary implementation and start-up activities.

Eligibility criteria.

  • U.S organizations.
  •               Non profits including faith -based organizations or community based organizations.
  • Public or state controlled institutions of higher education and private institution sof higher education
  • profit organizations.
  • Non U.S organizations
  • Non U.S entities including PIOS.

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