Training and Capacity Building

Our capacity building experience and focus includes the following services:

1. Financial Literacy: We offer training programs aimed at enhancing financial literacy and

empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed financial

decisions. This includes budgeting, savings, investment, and debt management.

2. Personal Finance: We provide customized training programs to help individuals develop a

sound personal finance plan that aligns with their goals and financial circumstances. This

includes financial goal setting, budgeting, savings and investment, debt management, and

retirement planning.

3. Business Planning: Our team of experienced consultants provide training and support in

developing effective business plans that articulate a clear vision, mission, and strategy. We

help clients identify their unique value proposition, develop marketing strategies, and plan

for growth and sustainability.

4. Business Fundraising: We offer comprehensive training programs aimed at helping

businesses and organizations secure funding to achieve their objectives. Our training covers

fundraising strategy development, funder relations management, financing readiness, and

linkage with potential funders.

5. Financial Management: We provide training and support in financial management aimed at

enhancing financial control, optimizing financial performance, and improving profitability.

Our training covers budgeting, financial analysis, financial reporting, and financial decision


6. Business Mentorship: We offer mentorship programs designed to provide guidance, support,

and inspiration to entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our experienced mentors offer

insights and perspectives that can help businesses navigate challenges, make informed

decisions, and achieve success.

7. Becoming Financing Ready: We provide training and support in preparing businesses to

become financing ready. Our training covers topics such as financial management, financial

reporting, and corporate governance, which are critical in attracting and retaining investors.

8. Tax and Tax Compliance Training: We offer training programs aimed at enhancing

knowledge and understanding of tax issues. This includes tax compliance, tax planning, and

tax reporting.