Research Studies and Data

We offer a wide range of research and data services across various thematic areas, including
agriculture, manufacturing, trade, financial services, health, environment, public policy, and not-for-
profit ventures. Our services include:

1. Feasibility studies
2. Market and consumer studies
3. Financial inclusion studies
4. Work environment and employee satisfaction surveys
5. Customer experience, usage, and attitude studies
6. Impact studies and performance assessment
7. Project-based studies, such as baseline studies, impact studies, M&E, mid and end-term
project reviews
8. Research design and implementation, including survey management, data collection, and
data delivery
9. Statistical modeling and data processing

Our team of research practitioners is dedicated to providing detailed, easy-to-comprehend reports
that enable managers and stakeholders to derive valuable insights from our findings. We also
develop professional project proposals and conduct intensive and extensive feasibility surveys and
studies to help organizations make informed decisions.

In addition to the above services, we also offer specialized data analytics and visualization services
that help organizations gain a deeper understanding of their data, uncover insights, and make
informed decisions. Let us help you leverage the power of data and research to unlock new
opportunities and achieve your goals.