Digitization and Technology

Digital presence is vital for the success of any modern day organization. To a business, it is the key element that differentiates a successful business from others. At Centafrique Consulting, we give your business a unique and secure online presence to create organizational awareness and effect transactions seamlessly and professionally.
Our vast experience of creating quality products and services is found in our portfolio. We are keen on security, efficiency and effectiveness and this manifest in all our IT products and services. Moreover, we facilitate organizations in the process of embedding their pre-existing systems with M-PESA enabled online system with the goal of making business payment processes efficient, convenient and secure. We help client develop dynamic, adaptive and secure systems that are customized to specific need of each client while ensuring adaptability & connectivity to the global ICT dynamics. Our services include;

  • Website design & development
  • ICT applications & system development
  • Mobile money integration
  • E- Commerce solutions