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Financial Services Consultancy.

We supports in identifying most appropriate solution for each unique need. We support entities navigate the funding process, from developing a fundraising strategy, finding the right funder, funder relations management.

We also prepare SMEs to be be financing ready and link them with financing entities. We have gone a step ahead and established relationship with reputable partners.


Business Development & SME Support

From experience, we understand key challenges affecting the growth of SMEs and entrepreneurship in the region include which requires interventions to strengthen the capacity within the entrepreneurship ecosystem. We curate support services around Innovations, access to financial services, business operations, business management, product development and piloting, value-chains integration and business health diagnostics to ensure start-ups and brown fields blossom. Our services include;

We conduct thorough business 3600 business diagnostics and health checks to identify areas for improvement and develop proposals for enhancing operational efficiency and profitability.

We help organizations navigate through changes by providing strategic guidance and support during business transformations and restructuring initiatives.

We provide support to SMEs on market entry strategies, market research, competitor analysis, and partner identification mergers and acquisitions and ensure a smooth transition, successful integration and reach their target audience, build brand awareness, and increase market share.

We collaboratively undertake review the business model to enhance busiess growth and sustainability using available tools including business model canvas.

We support SMEs development customized and realistic business plans, financial projections, risk management and implementation support.

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Management Consultancy & Research.

We work with entities to address their strategic challenges, align their strategic direction and stakeholders’ expectation, unlock value for their stakeholders and shape the future of the industry. Our approach is characterized by rigorous analysis and participatory execution of each assignment. Our approach is collaborative, ensuring sustainability and alignment with client goals.

We provide end-to-end project design and management services, from project planning to implementation and monitoring and evaluation

We provide analytics and decision-support for growth strategies related to different aspects of our clients. Be it new products, markets or business model, we have the right expertise and experience. We work with clients to develop, execute or review their strategic plans and ensure their objectives align well with their vision and goals, and provide actionable recommendations to ensure successful implementation.

Research is a critical component of any decision making. We therefore provide high quality, accurate, objective, and credible data to effectively support efficient decision making and planning. Our research consultants provide holistic advisory on both qualitative and quantitative research design and execution while ensuring world-class results with customized and actionable recommendations.

ICT & Digitization

The dynamic nature of Information Communication Technology underpins the critical role of ICTs in driving business sustainability and the development agenda. We provide business centric technology solutions to ensure suitable integration and the following ICTs.

Our team provides advisory and support services on technology innovation as well as identifying opportunities that that provides potential for entities growth, resilience and sustainability.

Mentorship, Skills Development & Capacity Building

We provide training and technical assistance related to our areas of specialty. We design and execute trainings to accommodate all -those with no previous knowledge in the field as well as an opportunity for those with a background in the area to keep up with new developments. We have built a network of experts across the region with whom we continuously exchange ideas. At the core of our practice is documenting learnings and building "Best practices" based on lessons from previous experience of designing and implementing past training and capacity building assignments.

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