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Mentor-Driven Capital Program 2024

Applications close on April 19th,2024

Are you an established business professional, entrepreneur, or investor with some time on your hands? Do you want to play a bigger role in the startup ecosystem? Do you want to make a tangible difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and their journeys?

Then, apply to become a mentor in the 2024 VC4A Mentor-Driven Capital Program in partnership with FMO Ventures.

‘Mentor-driven capital’ is one of VC4A’s approaches to creating value for startup ecosystems around the world. It’s about finding and supporting motivated and experienced professionals like you to share the knowledge, experience, and network you’ve acquired over your career with promising entrepreneurs through the VC4A Mentorship Marketplace. As you support your mentee on his/her entrepreneurial journey, you get keen insights into the local startup ecosystem and hone your own mentoring, business & leadership skills.

This year, in partnership with the FMO Ventures Program, the call is launched to empower 30+ mentors in each of the targeted countries: Ghana, Tanzania and Morocco.

The program will run for 3 months (May – July) and then the selected mentors in each country will be matched with ventures from selected supporting organizations.

This program aims to boost the ability of business experts as a high-powered mentor through the VC4A Mentor-Driven Capital framework. You and selected business leaders will receive expert guidance, training, and hands-on sessions around mentoring through a comprehensive framework facilitated by experts.

Previous expert-led sessions by experienced angel investors featured thought leaders such as Tomi Davies – Chief Investment Officer at GreenTec Capital Partners, Tarek El-Kady – Founder of Alex Angels, Mrs. Maya Horgan Famodu, Founder & Partner at Ingressive Capital, Dr. Ayman Ismail – Associate Professor of entrepreneurship at the American University of Cairo, Mrs. Yemi Keri – Founder of Rising Tide Africa and Kola Aina – Founder of Ventures Platform, among many others.


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