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Dr. Naomi Nduta Njoroge, PhD

Centafrique Consulting

Dr. Naomi Njoroge is the Lead and Expert Trainer on Evaluation for Development Practice,
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), and Project Management Centafrique Consulting. She is
an experienced consultant and a skillful trainer with extensive experience in monitoring and
evaluating of development projects and programs with a wealth of knowledge in project
planning, designing and management.
She is an adjunct lecture at Mt Kenya University, Kenya and a research thesis supervisor for
post graduate students at Mt Kenya University and Africa Nazerene University (Kenya). She
is a lead trainer at the Institute of Knowledge Development and Productivity (IKDP)
specializing on monitoring and evaluation and development programs. Dr Naomi Njoroge has
been actively involved in conducting both research studies and mid-term/end-term
evaluations for various organizations including; East African Farmers Federation, Plan
International, Murang’a County Cooperative Creameries Murang’a, and in evaluation of water
and health projects in Kenya.
Dr Naomi Njoroge holds a PhD and master degrees on Project Planning and Management
from the University of Nairobi, and a Bachelor of science degree (Bed Science) in Chemistry.
She has authored and published articles on Project Planning and Management along with
participating in International Conferences.

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